When This Woman With A Rare Skin Condition Gave Birth. Doctors Told Her They Had NEVER Seen A Baby Like This

Stephanie Turner, from Wynne, Arkansas, was born with a rare genetic skin condition. It’s a skin condition that makes her skin thick, red and cracked. The condition is called Harlequin ichthyosis.

According to medical professionals a baby which suffers from this rare skin condition will be ‘encased in an “armor” of thick white plates of skin, separated with deep cracks’

The condition can be quite fatal amongst newborn children because the ‘easily pregnable by bacteria and other contaminants, which can result in serious risk of fatal infection’.


Doctors thought Stephanie wouldn’t survive. The chances of her having a happy and healthy childhood were slim, and the chances of her reaching adulthood were slimmer. However, she continued to defy all odds.

One of the reasons she is alive to this day is because of a life-saving cream which she has to apply every day.

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