Prisoners Break Out of Their Holding Cells, But Guards Soon Realize They Should Be Thanking Them

One hour west of Dallas, Texas, at the Parker County Jail in Weatherford, a group of prisoners were in a small holding cell, waiting to learn their fate.

As WFAA reports, the group had been joking around with the guard on duty when suddenly he slumped over in his chair.

Thinking the man “could have died right there,” the prisoners began screaming for help and eventually broke out of their enclosure.

Prisoners Break

Image Credit: Screenshot/WFAA

Shackled and cuffed, the group bolted over to the man, and inmate Nick Kelton recalls a fellow prisoner reaching for the guard’s radio— located next to his gun.

“We were going to call ‘Mayday’ or something,” Kelton says.

Believing that the inmates had broken out into a fight, Parker County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ryan Speegle and other officers rushed to the scene.

But after ushering the inmates back into the holding cell, he realized that a bad situation it was not. The prisoners were clearly trying to help this man, and they likely saved his life.

The guard, who suffered from an apparent heart attack, was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to return to work in the coming days.

Sgt. Speegle is grateful for the outcome of the incident:

“He had keys. Had a gun. It could have been an extremely bad situation.”

And for Kelton and the other inmates, it wasn’t an officer versus criminal situation— it was a human situation.

“It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him,” says Kelton.

Credits: Ijreview

Thanks to the inmates’ quick thinking, the guard is going to be fine. He will be returning to work within the next week.