Mom Goes To Abandon Her Baby, Now Watch What The Cameraman Does. UNBELIEVABLE!

When Darius Sasnauskas had two white tail deer born in his yard, it was a beautiful sight to be seen. That is until he noticed that one of the babies was injured, and because it couldn’t keep up with its mother – was left behind. This is where the outdoorsman stepped in. In order to keep the fawn safe from predators, Darius decided to care for it himself.

Darius welcomed the young deer into his home, where he fed it, and even made a homemade brace for its leg. Darius’s other pets weren’t too sure about the new addition at first. However, with a little time, they eventually warmed up to the fawn (especially his dog Mack!). After its leg was healed, Darius attempted to release the deer back into the wild. Each time though it kept coming back.

Every day Darius looked for the fawn’s mother. Finally one evening, he spotted her – and the deer was reunited with its family at last. A few months later, Darius saw his friend once again in the forest. Already he thought that it looked bigger! While he will of course miss the deer, he happily wished her well in the life she was meant to have.

Watch what happens when Darius finally goes to reunite the fawn with her mother. Will she except her baby back? Find out below, and please SHARE this amazing video with your friends on Facebook!

Credits: honeysada | Faithtap