Hilarious Dogs Helping Their Humans Shovel

Shoveling snow is one of life’s necessary evils. It’s a chore that basically no one really likes to do, especially after a monster snowstorm. It can be back breaking work depending on how much you have to clear and the cold, wet conditions make it all the more miserable. Many people have died shoveling snow or been seriously injured in slips, falls, and other accidents. While it may look and seem to be easy, looks can be deceiving, it’s really not.

If you don’t have a snowblower to ease the burden or haven’t hired someone to do it for you, inevitably you’re going to have to shovel yourself out. Unless you have a dog, then you can get them to help you out, or at least entertain you. Dogs seem to have a weird fascination with snow shovels that runs the gamut from a flat out fear of them to thinking they’re the latest and greatest toy to play with. This compilation clip shows the range of emotions and reactions man’s best friend goes through when their owner starts throwing snow around with a shovel. It’s hilarious and if you’ve ever had a dog and lived where it snows you’ll know exactly how these people feel.

The video goes to show that the one good thing about shoveling snow is watching your dog’s reaction to it. Other than that it’s cold, miserable work without a dog helping you along!

Credits: Sun-gazing

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