15 Times Life Was Made Awesome By Random Acts Of Vandalism

This might surprise you, but vandalism isn’t always a bad thing.

Maybe that’s a kinda weird thing to say, but hear me out here. If you look around your home town with an artist’s eyes, you might see all kinds of opportunities for art that you never thought possibly.

Maybe it’s that car on your street that looks like it has a shocked face. Or maybe it’s that building downtown that kinda looks like a spaceship or something.

Well some artists look at those same things and take it to the next level!

This is really stunning!

What an amazing work of art, to take something horrible and dirty and make something beautiful out of it. That takes an amazing talent!

Check out this statue of the powerful emperor of the proud Yo-Yo dynasty

There was a lot of rise and fall at that time in history.

It takes an amazing eye for detail to see something like this

You and I see a crack in a building. This vandal saw somewhere for King Kong to climb!

You’re driving through the forest late at night, with nobody for miles around, and you see this… what do you do?

Other than have a massive road traffic accident, of course.

This is an amazing prank

Where can I get stickers like this? I’ll take 100!